A History of Screw Piling

The original screw pile can be traced back to the 1830’s when Irish engineer Alexander Mitchell designed a simple yet effective means of construction for lighthouses, ship moorings and other structures on shifting sandy soil. It was first used for a foundation in the construction of the Maplin Sand lighthouse at the mouth of Thames in 1838. Since this early invention the steel screw pile has continued to be developed by engineers throughout the world for the stabilisation of poor soil profiles so construction could occur.

Today we see steel screw piles being used for residential construction of both slab on ground construction and bearer and joist construction where the steel screw pile performs as a post for bearer in a sub floor structure.

Advantages of Screw Piles

  • A fully engineered certified solution to eliminate poor soil conditions. (Every pile installed is recorded with the load achieved to determine that the appropriate strength has been reached)

  • Quicker than other methods. (We can install up to 100 screw piles per day)

  • No soil removal needed. (A steel screw acts like a screw going into timber and creates very little spoil thus reducing the need to re scrap the site

  • No hammer noise or vibration causing potential problems for surrounding properties
  • All weather installation

  • Next stage of works can proceed immediately. (No waiting for concrete bored piers to cure)
  • Removable. A great solution for modular / relocatable housing

  • Cost competitive with great efficiencies offered by the installation methods, screw piles can be considered for the smallest or largest jobs. Generally an excavator and 2 labours. (No job to large or small.)
  • Low set up costs + quick installation + accuracy = real cost benefits.

Foundation Technologies has always provided an on times service and offered our business real cost savings with their efficient and professional crews. We can honestly attest to their can-do attitude and willingness to go above and beyond when special circumstances arise.

We would have no problem recommending Foundation Technologies Australia for any project they were to be considered for.

Craig Abraham – Senior Estimator